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New! Bargaining Fact Sheets!

These short and informative fact sheets give a snapshot of the issues to consider when bargaining for work family benefits.


Policy Brief CoverReforming Family and Medical Leave Laws: Promoting Health and Economic Security for California's Working Families
Berkeley Center on Health, Economic & Family Security, UC Berkeley School of Law & Labor Project for Working Families (2011)


CoverA Guide to Implementing Paid Family Leave: Lessons from California
Berkeley Center on Health, Economic & Family Security, UC Berkeley School of Law & Labor Project for Working Families (2011). A great resource for state administrators, federal policymakers, national and state advocates and researchers on California’s Paid Family Leave (PFL) program.

Cover Family-Friendly Workplaces – Do Unions Make a Difference?
UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education (CLRE) &Labor Project for Working Families (2010). This report shows that unionized workplaces are more likely to offer family-friendly policies like paid family leave, paid sick days, and family health insurance.
» Executive Summary
» Full Report


Cover New Approaches to Organizing Women and Young Workers: Social Media & Work Family Issues
Labor Project for Working Families, Cornell ILR Programs & UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education (CLRE) (2010). This report includes recommendations for unions to strengthen their relationships with women and young workers, especially with regard to using social media and work family issues for organizing.
» Executive Summary
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CoverFlex Pack: A Toolkit on Organizing, Bargaining and Legislating for Worker-Controlled Flexibility
Find out why union members want more job flexibility, how to tell genuine flextime from “fake flex” gimmicks and what flextime options are worth bargaining for.


CoverA Job and a Life: Organizing and Bargaining for Work Family Issues  
A step-by-step guide designed for union leaders, activists, negotiating teams and organizers. It includes strategies, survey questions, sample contract language, and model unions programs to help you organize and bargain for work family issues. Order a FREE copy (shipping cost not included in offer).


Cover Making it Work Better: A Work Family Educational Program
3½ hour curriculum to educate union members, staff and leadership about organizing, bargaining and advocating for work family issues. Designed to be used with our Organizing and Bargaining Guide.
» Curriculum
» Curriculum (PPT)

Quality Child Care: A Guide for Working Parents
Help your union address the child care needs of your members. Learn more about bargaining for child care, as well as to help your members understand and identify quality child care options.

Time is of the Essence: New Scheduling Options for Unionized Employees
Work in America Institute & Labor Project for Working Families (2003). This report explores the desirability and feasibility of providing unionized employees new ways to reduce their work schedules.

Putting Families First: How California won the Fight for Paid Family Leave
This report highlights how California won paid family leave through the unwavering support of labor, advocacy and community groups. (2003)

California's new Paid Family Leave Law
Information on paid leave for public employees and workers not participating in the SDI program. Originally published in the California Public Employee Relations Journal, August 2003.

Child Care Choices for Working Families
California Child Care Resource & Referral Network & Labor Project for Working Families (2002). This report examines the Child Care Choices of Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Union Local 2 Members Working in San Francisco's Hospitality Industry.

Labor's Participation in Work-Family Issues: Successes and Obstacles
This paper examines the problems facing working families today and the strategies to shape new family-friendly policies and benefits. (2002)

ATU Local 192 & AC Transit Shift into Gear
A look at the new family care program negotiated by ATU Local 192 for transit workers in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California. California Public Employee Relations Journal, April 2001.

Work and Family and Labor/Management Collaboration
A paper looking at joint labor/management initiatives around work and family issues. It provides seven case studies from the United States and Canada. (2000)

Labor's Role in Addressing the Child Care Crisis
This paper outlines several models for more labor involvement in child care. (1999)

Unions and Child Care
An article on the role of unions in the lives of working families, specifically in providing child care through collective bargaining. Published in the California Public Employee Relations Journal, June 1998.

Work, Family and the Labor Movement
This 1997 report reviews the labor movement's approach to work and family issues, and its legislative and negotiating strategies for helping American workers balance home and work.  

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