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New Report Shows Unions Make A Positive Difference For Working Families
Workers Independent News, July 17, 2009

By Doug Cunningham

A new report from UC Berkeley's Center For Labor Research concludes that a unionized workplace dramatically helps working families. Netsy Firestein directs the Labor Project for Working Families.

[Firestein]: "Union members are more likely to have paid family leave. That's if you have a baby or a seriously ill family member. They were more likely to not only have paid sick time, but they were more likely to have paid sick time that you could use to care for a sick child."

And not only are union workers more likely to have good family-friendly benefits, they are also more likely to know about and use benefits provided by law.

[Firestein]: "Unionization provides more compliance with existing laws, so that union members were more likely to know about their rights to existing laws. And they were more likely to use those laws. So they were more likely to feel comfortable about taking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act and not being worried about being penalized."

The report is called "Family Friendly Workplaces: Do Unions Make A Difference?" The AFL-CIO says as corporations force people to work longer, spending more time away from their families, unions are key to creating an economy that works for everyone.

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