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Social Media: Tool for Balancing Work and Family?

AFL-CIO NOW Blog, August 12, 2010

By Tula Connell

The union movement may have a new tool in its efforts to reach out to young workers who increasingly say balancing work and family is a top priority: social media. A new study finds that young workers may be especially receptive to union organizers who use social media. 

At our recent AFL-CIO Young Workers Summit, we heard from the more than 400 mostly union activists that social media is key—but outreach among workers also should involve personal contact.

The new report by the Labor Project for Working Families, Cornell University ILR Programs and UC Berkeley Labor Center underscores what young workers told us, saying:
Although not a replacement for face to face interaction with workers, young women organizers are calling for greater social media training, resources and support to use these new tools more effectively.

Writing at the AFL-CIO California Labor Federation blog, Brandy Davis from the Labor Project for Working Families concludes:
Women and young workers value control and flexibility in their lives—these are core bargaining issues. Social media may be the organizing tool the labor movement needs to be the leading voice for workers on balancing work and family.

Read Davis’ full blog here.


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