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CoverUpdated FMLA Survey Results
Family Values @ Work (2013)
“DOL Survey Finds Many Reasons to Celebrate the FMLA”

CoverSick and Fired
Family Values @ Work (2012)

CoverDads Expect Better: Top States for New Dads
National Partnership for Women & Families (2012)

CoverExpecting Better: A State-by-State Analysis of Laws That Help New Parents
National Partnership for Women & Families (2012)

CoverPolicy Matters: Public Policy, Paid Leave for New Parents, and Economic Security for U.S. Workers
Center for Women and Work, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (2012)

CoverPaid Family and Medical Leave: Securing Financial Stability and Good Health for Working Families
A Briefing Book on Establishing Laws that Provide Paid Leave for Workers National Partnership for Women & Families (2012)


CoverPaid Family Leave – Strengthening Families and our Future
Curtis Skinner & Susan Ochshorn, National Center for Children in Poverty (2012)



CoverThe Effects of Paid Family and Medical Leave on Employment Stability and Economic Security
Heather Boushey & Sarah Jane Glynn, Center for American Progress (2012)

CoverProtecting Workers and Their Families with Paid Family Leave and Caregiving Credits
Ann O'Leary, Center for American Progress (2012)

CoverThe Effects of California's Paid Family Leave Program on Mothers' Leave-Taking and Subsequent Labor Market Outcomes
Maya Rossin-Slater (Columbia University)
Christopher Ruhm (University of Virginia & National Bureau of Economic Research)
Jane Waldfogel (Columbia University)


CoverPay Matters: The Positive Economic Impacts of Paid Family Leave for Families, Businesses and the Public
Center for Women and Work, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (2012)



CoverFact Sheet: Parental Leave and the Health of Infants, Children and Mothers
Human Impact Partners (2011)



CoverAwareness of California’s Paid Family Leave Program Remains Limited, Especially Among Those Who Would Benefit From It Most
Eileen Appelbaum and Ruth Milkman, Center for Economic and Policy Research & UCLA/CUNY (2011)


CoverLeaves that Pay: Employer and Worker Experiences with Paid Family Leave in California 
A 2011 study by researchers Eileen Appelbaum (Center for Economic and Policy Research) and Ruth Milkman (UCLA/CUNY) finds that California’s Paid Family Leave program has received high marks from employers and employees alike since its implementation six years ago.

CoverFlexible Workplace Solutions for Low-Wage Hourly Workers
A 2011 report by Workplace Flexibility 2010 and the Institute for Workplace Innovation that provides a useful framework to employers, employees, and unions on how to provide greater flexibility to low-wage hourly workers as well as policy solutions for advocates and policymakers.

CoverSan Francisco’s Paid Sick Leave Ordinance: Outcomes for Employers and Employees
Institute for Women’s Policy Research (2011)

CoverNewborn Family Leave: Effect on Children, Parents and Business
This 2009 report, released by the Packard Foundation to mark the five year anniversary of California's Paid Family Leave program, synthesizes the most significant research on newborn family leave and provides a broad view of leave's economic and social impacts.

CoverJuggling Work and Breastfeeding: Effects of Maternity Leave and Occupational Characteristics
Sylvia Guendelman, Jessica Lang Kosa, Michelle Pearl, Steve Graham, Julia Goodman & Martin Kharrazi
Pediatrics 2009; 123; e38

Work-Life Policies
Netsy Firestein, Executive Director of the Labor Project for Working Families, has authored a chapter titled "Union Strategies for Work-Family Issue: Collective Bargaining and Public Policies" in this book edited by Ann C. Crouter and Alan Booth, the Urban Institute Press (2009).

CoverAwareness and Use of California’s Paid Family Leave Insurance Among Parents of Chronically Ill Children
Mark A. Schuster, Paul J. Chung, Marc N. Elliott, Craig F. Garfield, Katherine D. Vestal & David J. Klein
JAMA, September 3, 2008—Vol 300, No. 9

CoverUnions and Upward Mobility for Women Workers
This 2008 report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) documents a large wage and benefit advantage for women workers in unions relative to their non-union counterparts.

The Sex of Class: Women Transforming American Labor
Netsy Firestein, Executive Director, and former staffer Nikki Dones of the Labor Project for Working Families co-authored a chapter in this book edited by Dorothy Sue Cobble, Cornell University Press (2007).

CoverI Knew I Could Do This Work
This 2007 report from the Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) outlines strategies to promote women's voices and leadership in unions.

CoverOne Sick Child Away from Being Fired: When "Opting Out" is Not an Option
A 2006 review by WorkLife Law of published arbitrations in which unions argued that employees were improperly punished due to family responsibilities.

Motherhood Manifesto Book External Link
Netsy Firestein, Executive Director of the Labor Project for Working Families, authored a section on how unions are helping working families address some of the issues raised in this book by Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner (2006).

CoverMaking the Case for Paid Family Leave: How California's Landmark Law was Framed in the News
A 2003 report by the Berkeley Media Studies Group on how California and national news coverage was framed by opponents and proponents of paid family leave.


CoverWomen Organizing Women: How Do We Rock The Boat Without Getting Thrown Overboard
Recommendations by 19 highly experienced women organizers on making union organizing jobs more attractive to women. (2004)


CoverPaid Family Leave in California: An Analysis of Costs and Benefits
In this 2002 study, funded by the LPWF a cost benefit analysis of SB 1661, the Paid Family Leave Law, indicated that passage of the legislation would not only extend benefits for the 12 million California employees not covered by SDI, but also would create significant financial savings for employers and the State of California.


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