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Balancing Caregiving and Work

Courtesy: Inside E Street, AARP

An estimated 42 percent of working Americans say they’ve provided care for an older family member within the past five years. Some of the lucky ones can benefit from the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

But that only covers 55 percent of employees, and even then, coverage applies only when caring for a spouse, young child or parent. Other caregivers take care of family members while maintaining full-time work, and many lose or leave those jobs as a result. Though “family-responsibilities discrimination” lawsuits are increasing, adult caregivers currently have little legal recourse.

AARP’s Inside E Street explores a growing predicament as the U.S. population ages. Please view the “Balancing Caregiving and Work” and “Family Friendly Workplaces” segments of this show that was aired in June 2012.

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