Action Center

Help us build the 21st century family-friendly workplace.

LEARN Resourse Network

LEARN WorkFamily

Use our national labor education and resource network – LEARN WorkFamily – to download resources, find contract language, and get technical assistance on organizing, bargaining, and advocating for family-friendly workplace programs and policies.

Help Us Advocate

Help Us Advocate

Join our local, state and national efforts to advance family-friendly workplace policies.

Family Values @ Work: Learn about and join our efforts through this 21-state consortium of labor-community coalitions working for paid sick days, family leave insurance and other policies that value families at work.

National Initiative

Join our National Initiative

Through our National Initiative, unions can participate in efforts to advance family-friendly workplace policies at the local, state and national level; get up-to-date information on various federal and local policy initiatives; get educational resources, expertise, and technical support as needed. For more information, contact Carol Joyner at
(202) 537-1645, x270.